404 – intelligence not found

So I’m getting pretty tired of Google and Gmail. Not for my primary account, mind you, but for my secondary, more personal, account. Because it’s part of my name, I get the worst spam: email that belongs to *other* people, simply because they share my last name. Their email however, is firstname.lastname – Google for whatever STUPID reason, also emails me at ititiallastname, unless you (being the people with my last name) are dumb enough to not realise it’s NOT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. So I’m sorry to Joan, Jesse, Jeff, Jennifer, and everyone else who I get spammed from, but I unsubscribe your crap because I’m sick of reading it, deleting it, and generally dealing with it. Worse yet, I can’t let you know, because I’m basically getting a CC of the email. How Google isn’t doing something about this, I don’t know (yes I’ve emailed them with no results).